Work in progress for Barbera and Baz in Australia

The second day of testing at the Phillip Island circuit has been difficult for Hector Barbera and Loris Baz. Both riders have improved their lap times from yesterday, but not enough to get closer to the front. The problem for both riders is the same, the lack of confidence with the front end, and this is a big problem in an ultra-fast circuit like Phillip Island.
The team and Ducati are already thinking of different solutions to help Barbera and Baz improve their feeling with the bike, and tomorrow they plan to try different settings. Tomorrow will be the last of three days of testing in Australia, and both riders are expected to try the new tires Michelin has brought to these test. The news from Michelin ara three revised rear tyres designed to offer better traction and stability and two new front tyres designed to warm up faster.


Hector Barbera | 1'30.352 | P17

“We still at the same point as yesterday, we are not able to find a set-up that makes me feel more comfortable riding the bike and we have to keep working until we get it. The biggest problem is the front end and at this track If you don’t have confidence in the front tyre you can’t go fast. Phillip Island features many fast corners, which are usually my strong point, but every time I push, I feel I’m going to crash. Tomorrow we have another day and the goal will be finding a solution to our problem.”


Loris Baz | 1'30.852 | P20

“Today was a difficult day. In the morning we have problems with an engine and in the afternoon we have tried a lot of things but we lack a lot of confidence. Basically the problem is the same one as Hector and is the lack of confidence with the front. We have to continue working on the set-up of the bike to find a solution, because we are quite far from where we should be. With all these problems we could not test any tyres for Michelin, we’ll try to do it tomorrow.”